Friday, February 23, 2007

Sally Lieber's "No Spanking" Bill - Corporal Punishment Regulated

The wording is here for Sally Lieber's much anticipated corporal punishment law. While the bill steers clear (just barely) of the word "spank" it adds some more things to the definition of child abuse many of which are most likely covered by current law.

She clearly doesn't address "spanking" with an open hand but does address spanking with foreign objects. This bill will make it illegal to spank with a rod as commanded in scripture.

Here is an excerpt from the legislation that lists the things she is trying to keep parents from using to discipline their children - some are ridiculous and some are, I believe, commanded and appropriate for use in biblical discipline.

(1) The use of an implementation, including, but not limited to,
a stick, a rod, a switch, an electrical cord, an extension cord, a
belt, a broom, or a shoe.
(2) Throwing, kicking, burning, or cutting a child.
(3) Striking a child with a closed fist.
(4) Striking a child under the age of three on the face or head.
(5) Vigorous shaking of a child under the age of three.
(6) Interference with a child’s breathing.
(7) Threatening a child with a deadly weapon.

This bill is available from the California State Legislature website:

Download the PDF file of the bill introduced February 22, 2007.

Track the bill.

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