Thursday, September 22, 2005

Clarification of Schwarzenegger's Reasoning

After seeing many news headlines since the Governor's decision to veto AB 849, I have noticed that many, if not most people have the wrong impression of why the Governor has come to his conclusion. He pointed out in his press release that the people have voted on the issue and the issue is in the courts, but he does NOT say that he thinks that this is an issue that must be decided by the people and the courts. He is simply stating that since it would be illegal to oppose such action on the part of the people, he must abide by the law as it stands.

Our State Constitution here in California states that when a law is passed by the people it can only be revoked by the people. Therefore it was unconstitutional for the legislature to pass AB 849 and would be unconstitutional for the Governor to subsequently sign it.

Assemblyman Mark Leno would say that all this is baloney because his interpretation of prop 22 doesn't conflict with his bill. His claim is that prop 22 only applies to marriages that were established out of state and has no quarrell with homosexual couples wishing to marry within the state.

Very interesting debate if you ask me.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Jimmy Carter Attacks States Rights

Today in a New York Times article David E Rosenbaum takes note of a Voting Panel that is proposing a new method for party primaries. According to Rosenbaum, this panel, headed up by former US President Jimmy Carter, will recommend a system for presidential primaries that would be based on four regional primaries accross the US rather than each state holding their own election. This proposal is expected to be presented to President Bush today.

This seems to be a very simple way to further centralize and nationalize our government and to place in jeapardy, if not totally disolve, one of this nation's few remaning functions of a union of states. This proposition would absolutely take away more state sovreignty and lend more support and control for a centrally controlled national government.

Pretty scary if you ask me, to say the least.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Schwarzenegger Will Veto Gay Marriage Bill!

Praise God! Schwarzenegger will veto AB 849 the Homosexual Marriage bill and keep traditional marriage values in California! In a press release tonight Schwarzenneger's office made known the governor's intention to veto the bill.

Read the Governor's press release here.

Homosexual Marriage Bill - No Surprise

Yesterday the California State Assembly passed AB 849 - Berg/Leno the "Gender Nutral" Homosexual Marriage Bill. This is no surprise to many Californians as homosexual activists in this state have been successful at many levels and in many ways to get their agenda put through. Perhaps this blatent disregard for the law (Proposition 22 clearly stated that in california traditional marriage was the only legal form of marriage in California, this bill defys that) and precedent will wake up the vast majority of Californians who have shown in the past that they are in support of Traditional Marriage.

With the direction that California is going, the passing of this bill is part of a large movement in the direction, I believe, of eliminating gender in California, The US, and ultimatly the world. The sad part to me is that most people don't pay attention enough to what is going on politically to see this happening.

There will soon be an initiative in circulation that, if passed, will help to preserve that traditional and biblical view of marriage that consists of one man and one woman joined in holy matrimony. I hope and pray that people will awake and burn with anger at this sin that is now plainly displayed in our legislature. Please visit and support the coalition striving to save marriage in California, and ultimatly to save California.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fixed But Still Underwater

It seems sad that so many people have lost homes in Louisianna, but they are fixing and pumping. My question is this: Are they going to move back to a place that is below sea level? Is that really a wise place to have a city? Doesn't the recent catastrophe indicate something about the stability of the area? Well, it doesn't seem wise to me, when there are many other places to have a city, to choose such a dangerous position. I imagine many people will relocate after this, something that would have been easier prior to Katrina. I could hardly believe that land value in the city wouldn't go down steeply after this.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

End of an Era

They say people are often afraid of change... That is especially true, at least for me, when you've no idea at all what the change means.

Today marks the end of an era, an era which, brought to an end by the death of one man, had its changes to be sure. But many saw that same one man as a mark of stability for that era. What will come next is the big question. Time alone will tell what the future holds.

Many people are worried about this change, but I know who holds the future, and I know he watches me.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Carole Migden - Corruption running rampant in our Capitol!

Can you believe it? Wednesday, August 31, 2005 - State Senator Carole Migden was over on the Assembly side giving some support on the floor for a bill of hers. When it came up for a vote she was standing next to an empty Republican Assemblymember's seat. When she saw her bill in need of a little help, she reached over and pressed the absent member's "YES" button to make an aye vote on the bill. Imagine that!

Our representative form of government at work. Corruption is running rampant in our Capitol! It seems to me that when a government official ignores the rules of our legislature and defies our representative form of government they should be put in jail. This is a serious offense!

Click here to read article in the Sacramento Bee