Friday, February 23, 2007

Lieber's California Spanking Bill Not Dropped

Many news agencies and bloggers are writing that Sally Lieber's "No-Spanking" bill (introduced yesterday 2/22/07) has been dropped or that spanking has been removed from the bill. This is far from the truth. Read the bill and you will see that the bill has much to do with spanking.
The bill, AB 755, would make it against the law to spank children with a paddle (no matter how small) or with any switch or rod of any kind. And, depending on what attorney you ask, the bill may outlaw spanking with the hand.
One thing the bill certainly does not do is protect spanking. It outlaws many types of spanking. Some people claim that since it does not specifically outlaw "spanking with the hand" in so many words it doesn't outlaw spanking.
To those saying that the spanking bill has been dropped I challenge you to read the bill for yourselves.
In California it is presently illegal for anyone but a parent or guardian to administer corporal punishment to a child. This bill could eliminate even that.

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