Friday, May 12, 2006

Lawful Society

Ronald reagan said on September 7, 1973:

We must recognize that preserving and protecting a lawful society is a responsibility of every citizen. The law cannot assure justice unless a majority of our people are willing to accept the rule of law, not because a police car is patrolling nearby, but because it is morally right.

"Individual liberty depends upon keeping government under control."

This quote from Ronald Reagan reflects the essence of what much of my political philosophy is based.

"Individual liberty depends upon keeping government under control."

-Ronald Reagan, December 30, 1974

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Chaplain May Be Disciplined for White House Prayer

According to a Citizen Link article dated May 1, 2006:

An evangelical Navy chaplain stationed at Norfolk, Va., says he faces disciplinary action for appearing at a news conference outside of the White House and praying -- while in uniform.

Lt. Gordon Klingenschmitt told CitizenLink he had permission in writing to make the appearance -- which he said was in connection with efforts to seek a presidential order allowing chaplains to pray in Jesus' name in public. But the Navy, he said, changed its rules midstream.

I thought that was what military chaplains were supposed to do - Pray. Aparently someone, or several someones, want to change the purpose of chaplains altogether.

Mathew Staver, attorney and president of Liberty Councel said, "The issue is whether the historic nature of prayer by chaplains will be altered so that they cannot pray in Jesus' name, in other than what's called a 'Divine service' -- for example, a chapel service on Sunday."