Friday, June 08, 2007

AB 755 - Anti-Spanking Bill Defeated

Anti-Spanking Bill Stopped For Now

The anti-spanking bill proposed by California State Assemblymember Sally Lieber was stopped in the Assembly Appropriations committee on Friday, June 1st 2007. The bill (AB 755) must remain dormant until later this session when it has another chance to move forward again in January of 2008. It can be passed out of the Assembly at that time and move on to the Senate.

Praise God that this bill was stopped!

Be aware that AB 755 can move forward later this session but is stopped for now.

Three Ways Sally Lieber's Anti-Spanking Bill Can Move Forward

  1. The language from this bill can be amended into another bill that is currently active and moving through the legislature.
  2. The language can be put into a new piece of legislation and introduced as a new bill as early as the beginning of the second half of this legislative session. This could also happen at the start of the next legislative session which starts in December 2008.
  3. AB 755 can move forward itself in the second half of this legislative session if it gets out of the Assembly by the end of January of 2008.

Detailed information on this bill can be found at: Child and Family Protection