Thursday, February 22, 2007

Latest News On Sally Lieber's No Spanking Bill Proposal In California - Moves Away From Spanking

Two big items in the news this year have been the "No Spanking" bill proposed in California, and the bill requiring the new HPV vaccine for teenage girls. These two bills were both the brainchild of the same person.

Sally Lieber, a Democrat from Mountain View, California is a single woman who holds a powerful position in the State Capitol. She is the Speaker Pro Tempore of the California State Assembly.

You can view or download the PDF file of her HPV Vaccine bill or find the text of Lieber's "No Spank" bill if it is posted yet.

The Sacramento Bee published an article at 9:55 this morning that says Lieber will not be targeting spanking in her bill after all.

Assemblywoman Sally Lieber has abandoned her plans to push for a legislative prohibition on parents spanking their children under age 4.

Lieber, D-Mountain View, will introduce a bill Thursday morning that will target the use of physical force on children, but not spanking, an aide said.

The LA Times says that the bill proposed by Lieber which had been focused on spanking now is geared to regulating other aspects of family life.

Does this mean that the spanking bill is a no go after all or is it just going to have tricky wording? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Revka said...

Hmm, that makes me suspicious! I hope she has abandoned the idea - at least for now, but I rather doubt it.

Publius said...

I doubt it too. I think it is probably just a strategic move. Usually these things end up moving in incremental steps.

Leslie said...

Can you tell me the difference between private schools and charter schools? I've never understood, and now that I have a 3 year old, I really should figure that out. I want my little Millicent to be in the best school.