Friday, February 23, 2007

Lieber Moves Forward With "No-Spank" Legislation

Some are reporting that Lieber has dropped her proposed "No Spanking" bill. AB 755 is effectively a ban on spanking.

The bill does not actually specifically allow spanking of any kind. It does attack the traditional and biblical spanking with a switch, which actually is less likely to be a health hazard according to many people.

Just because the bill doesn't use the word "spank" doesn't mean that it does not affect spanking. This bill, while it does not actually mention the word "spank" effectively outlaws spanking.

Some people that do believe that spanking is an appropriate and effective means of corrective discipline have condoned the bill saying that spanking with the hand is the only appropriate means but that spanking with an object such as a switch, stick or paddle is actually child abuse.

I would argue that it is safer to spank with an appropriately sized switch than to use your hand. Spanking with your hand has been known to cause spinal injuries in children, while the sting of a switch or flexible ruler does not carry the same weight and force so as to not cause such an injury. I propose that God knew what he was talking about when he commanded the use of a rod.


The Lady Logician said...

Many would argue that you should use a switch or something other than your hand to spank so that the child never learns to associate your hand with pain. I understand the thought, but I would argue that one can get "carried away" more with a switch (or other substitute) instead of your hand. Let's face it you are not going to spank your child so hard that it hurts your hand are you!

Thankfully this is an academic discussion for me. The Junior Logician has not YET given me cause for more than a single smack on the bottom and he is now in his teens. Having said that....I still have the rough years ahead of me!

Dan said...

Times have changed - I grew up in a blue collar community in the 50's.

Time-outs? that was the period of time one spent in their bedroom after receiving a lickin' with the strap from dad or a thorough "heiny warming" from mom with the hairbrush.

While this sounds extreme now, these types of spankings were common and an accepted practice. The unmistakable sounds of a spanking in progress now and then eminating from a house on our street did not draw much attention from any of the neighbors.

As a kid hearing it, I was thankful that it wasn't me and I have no doubts that it had to be a subconscious deterrant for me to refrain from misbehavior and mischievous acts. Now and then I didn't heed those deterrants and paid the price by getting it with the hairbrush or strap.

For the record, I don't have any lasting psychological scars, at least from the spankings I got. I went on to college in the 60's and have since lived a "normal life."

There's a time and place for most everything, including spanking when appropriate.