Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Merick Backs Away From Promoting The Requirement Of HPV Vaccine For Teenage Girls

Merck suspends mandatory HPV vaccine campaign
But unlike a number of other diseases that US schoolchildren are required to be vaccinated against, HPV isn't an airborne virus that can spread easily in a group setting. Rather, it is sexually transmitted. Gardasil also stands apart ...
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Merck Backs Off on HPV Vaccine
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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Merck has suspended its campaign to convince state legislatures to make its new human papillomavirus vaccine mandatory for pre-teen girls "in the face of a growing backlash among parents, ...
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Here is an excerpt from the WSJ article which is available, to subscribers only, here.

Merck Ends Lobbying For Cervical-Cancer Vaccine
By John Carreyrou and Sarah Rubenstein
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Merck & Co. said it would stop lobbying states to pass laws requiring that preteen girls be vaccinated against cervical cancer in the face of a growing backlash among parents, physicians and consumer advocates.

Merck's aggressive lobbying campaign was intended to boost sales of its Gardasil vaccine, which received Food and Drug Administration approval last year. Gardasil provides protection against two strains of the human papillomavirus that are thought to cause the majority of cervical-cancer cases.

But, unlike a number of diseases against which U.S. schoolchildren are required to be vaccinated, HPV is not an airborne virus that can spread ...

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