Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lieber To Introduce Spanking Bill Today Or Friday

The Assemblymember who has been getting lots of press on her idea to make spanking one's children against the law intends to introduce the bill either today or tomorrow. They have language and will have the bill out in print by the deadline on Friday according to a staff member in Sally Lieber's office.

Lieber first announced she would introduce such a bill back on January 17th. Back then her intention was to make it illegal for parents to spank their children 3 years of age and under. Now however, she has expanded the idea to include all children, not just 3 and under. Therefore, if the bill passes with the wording Lieber is proposing, it will be illegal in California for a parent to spank their child of any age for any reason.

According to the San Fransisco Chronicle, who spoke with Lieber yesterday, "The latest version will include shaking of an infant or toddler."

When Sally Lieber's spanking bill is introduced the language will be available here.


Revka said...

Why does it not surprise me that she wants to outlaw spanking altogether? As for shaking a child, wouldn't that already be covered under child abuse, or am I misinformed?

Publius said...

Whether or not shaking a child is covered under current child abuse laws depends on how she actually words her law. Lieber may come up with something that isn't covered. One question I have is this: Most people know shaking a child is a bad thing and probably wouldn't do it when they are thinking clearly and have good self control. How would a bill about this help?