Friday, January 13, 2006

Government Representatives Show Little Respect For Their Office Or Each other

Being interested in government, I have seen a lot of politicians going at each other’s throats. Many of them use foul language and swear at each other while they are arguing. And all this not just in the privacy of their own offices (I can't imagine how bad it must get there) but in public. The general public got another taste of this earlier in the week when Senator Ed Kennedy was threatening the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Senator Arlen Specter.

It is disrespectful of other elected officials, and it is disrespectful of those who elected them when our legislators display little or no professionalism in their job. Saying things and acting in ways that ought to be below them, shows that they are not only unworthy of their office, but a disgrace to it.

Many have said that to see the problem of a nation one need only look at its leadership. To me, at least, this practice is an embarrassment to our government, our society, our nation, and our world.

I would support enforcing a code of professional behavior in our legislature. We put these men and women at the head of our nation, we ought to expect more from them.

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