Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cubans Turned Back - The Florida Keys

15 Cubans were picked up of the coast of the Florida Keys on the pilings of a bridge that are no longer connected to the mailand and sent back to Cuba according to the St. Petersburg Times in St. Petersburg FL. [Link]

"If they are on an artificial structure and can't walk to land they are considered "feet wet,"' said Petty Officer Dana Warr, pointing out that several spans of the old bridge are missing.

Had they been picked up on pilings under the adjacent new bridge, he said their fate would have been different. "It's not our policy," he added, pointing out that the directive comes from Washington.

If this is what the most freedom oriented nation on earth calls compassion and freedom I don't think I like it. For over two centuries the United States has been a haven for persecuted peoples to run to for freedom. Now we are turning them away. How is that justice?

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