Tuesday, January 31, 2006

England: National Helth Service Franticly Tries To Rework Budget

England NHS: Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt presented the new outline of adjustments that will be made to help England pay for its socialized medicine health care services. NHS has been forced to downsize because of a lack of funding. They have developed this huge socialized government funded system of healthcare throughout their country and it is failing because they don't have enough money to pay for it.

So with this information, why are some people still trying to push the same thing here in the United States? Health Care, like any other business, must be part of a free market economy in order to thrive. It must be forced to be economical and efficient. Without that check on its spending it will get out of control. Last year (2005) in California there were at least three attempts by legislators to create a universal, mandatory, socialized healthcare system for this state. How can we even think about doing something like that when we are watching the very same thing wreaking havoc in other countries and being forced to shut down because of its inefficiency?

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