Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Attempted Marriage Amendment Fails For Lack of Signatures

Prior to WWII polling was done to see if the American people were ready to become involved in the war. Some time after the First World War it was too early to take action according to these polls. The people weren't upset enough. In fact, most were not ready until after Pearl Harbor was attacked.

So too, the people are not up in arms enough to take a step like passing a constitutional amendment to protect marriage. A clear and present danger has not been evident enough to the people of California for them to be pressured enough to take action. There is one group trying to push on getting signatures for a marriage amendment but their wording isn't the best out there. There is another group (voteyesmarriage.com) who has stood firm in their wording even though others say it is to bold. This wording is the best and has been worked through with many of the top constitutional lawyers in the country.

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