Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Use Of Quotes

For several years I have been fascinated with using quotes from other people to help me understand and help others to understand why I hold a particular view on something. Sometimes I will use a quote because I feel like I need to have backup for what I am saying. Often when trying to convince someone of something it makes a big difference if the concept is accepted by others as well.

However, just because I found someone else who says the same thing doesn't make it true or right. We must weigh all things against the absolute truth of God's word. Anything that I say or any other person says is prone to error. But we have access to the only truth, the truth that never changes, and is never prone to error. God's word is truth (Psa. 119:160, John 17:17).

Today I read an article that made me think about why I like to use quotes from other people to make a point or to back up something I am trying to express. The point made here I think makes a lot of sense.

I suppose it is rather ironic that I use a quote from someone else in order to explaine this. However it did seem to be the best way to get someone else to see what I saw.

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