Friday, October 14, 2005

President's Teleconference Staged - So What?

I'm no Bush loyalist, but I don't see why such a big deal is being made of the President's teleconference. So they rehearsed who would pass the microphone to who, when to look at the camera, and who would field what question... isn't that simply just wise planning? That way when they get on national news the soldiers who are suddenly put face to face with the President of the United States they wouldn't stare blankly and say - uh... I uh... You get the Idea. I just makes sense to go over things before you publish something that millions of people are going to be watching. Simple common sense.

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Brick Sykes said...

I dropped you an e-mail to ask you a few q's about your politics, hope you don't mind. Your comment -So What- seems to deny the 'staging' aspect that most every poster has found 'funny' as in, why do they have to contrive an informal interview. No, this is not a run through of simple mike placement and who's going to talk first, etc. This has to do with canned questions and canned answers, they are two quite distinct things. Only a blanket apologist would view it as you seem to. What are you afraid of?