Monday, November 21, 2005

California Special Election

Well, I have restrained myself from ranting about the results of the Special Election held here in California earlier this month. Depressing, Disappointing and Dysfunctional are words I associate with the people of California for voting the way they did on the 8th. I am ashamed that more conservative voters didn't think that it was important enough for them to get out and vote. Although what McClintock says is true "we didn’t lose any ground in this election", to me it was still an unfortunate setback.

The people of California threw out a governor who was corrupt and voted in a governor that appeared to have a promising plan for saving the fiscal crysis of the state. However when he presented his plan (or rather a part of it) to the people for a vote, they said no. Why?

The Answer: Powerful and corrupt organizations like the CTA and major unions spread their agenda through lies, deception and convoluted inaccuracies to capture the people of California.

It seems people are willing to believe lies, but not people who say that others are lieing.

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