Friday, June 23, 2006

Theistic Rationalism

Many of us would like to think that our nation was founded on Biblical, upright, honest, principles. The problem is most of us live our whole lives that such an assumption is true rather than trying to find out if it actually is true. It is not my desire to deflate anyone's pride of country, although today I'm not so sure I would condone in a country such as ours. Perhaps it would behoove us to recognize that the plain facts are often overlooked to make way for preference.

The only work I know of that has gone this direction with solid, honest study is a dissertation by Dr. Gregg Frazer. I studied under Dr. Frazer as he was writing this work after he had done most of his research and believe that he truly sticks to the truth and is willing to go where the truth leads him.

Dr. Gregg Frazer coined the term "Theistic Rationalist" to help describe the "religion" of many of the key founders.

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