Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Public Libraries Not Safe

Why is it that in California it is against the law to rent an "R" rated video to a minor but they can go to their local public library and get the same "R" rated film for free? A minor in some places can have full access to pornography on the internet and in books at their public library! These institutions, which used to be so helpful in educating children and teaching them to do research are not a detriment to the moral makeup of our society. Teens can be seduced into the porn industry online at their local public library.

One public library in downtown Sacramento erases their cache of visited websites every hour for fear that the FBI will find out what goes on there.

This either needs to be halted immediately. Kids are not safe in our own public libraries any more.

I suppose another option would be to establish private libraries. Some private christian groups have already done this. They would start out small for sure but an interlibrary loan system works wonders.

Why are some libraries doing this? A supreme court decision written by Rehnquist back in 2003 (United States, et al., Appellants v. American Library Association, Inc., et al.) [PDF] discussed the threat of pornography and other harmful materials in public libraries. Some have argued that this case forces all public libraries accepting E-rate and/or LSTA funding to allow adults access to pornography.


Some of the obscenity freely available is so offensive, so far beyond the moral standard of the society, that laymen have no trouble recognizing it for what it is . .. simple, hardcore pornography, roduced and sold for profit.
- Ronald Reagan, October 29, 1972

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