Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Legislative Session in California

December 4, 2006

The California Legislature is Back!!

Of the 120 state legislators (80 Assembly Members and 40 Senators) there are many who are brand new legislators at the state capitol. As these new legislators struggle to stay afloat in their new jobs they will be trying to figure out what bills to present, support, and oppose.

In the Senate we have 15 Republicans and 25 Democrats.
In the Assembly we have 32 Republicans and 48 Democrats.

I have been encouraged to see several new legislators who seem to be very conservative and solid on many issues that should be of concern to Christians.

Among these are:

Many bills were introduced this first day in the legislature. In the Assembly 81 bills and in the Senate 46. Notable legislation that has been introduced includes a gay marriage bill by Leno (AB 43) which he calls the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act. Please WRITE YOUR LEGISLATOR NOW to oppose this bill.

Other general areas of interest to legislators who have gotten bills introduced so far seem to be education and healthcare.

There has been talk of introducing a bill which would modify term limits. Some are lobbying for this specifically so that Fabian Nunez can stay on as Speaker of the Assembly.

I pray that God would have mercy on California!

Information on the legislature or on bills.

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