Friday, December 08, 2006

Teaching Santa Slaps God In The Face

Have you ever considered the verse "every good and perfect gift is from above"? And have you ever considered the concept of "Santa" in light of this verse? I believe that it does God an irreverence to even jokingly point to another as the giver when God makes it clear in His word where our gifts come from.

Children's hearts are easily deceived and confused by such myths as an old man with a white beard who lives at the North Pole and who drives a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer. This imaginary story might do more harm than many parents realize.

We show disrespect ourselves by denying that God is the great giver.

God uses people to bear his gifts. His own Son Jesus received gifts which were given by God. Tradition holds that Saint Nicholas was a bearer of gifts to the poor. If he truly was a man of God, he would never point to himself as the one placing presents under a tree or in a stocking. He would have pointed to God, the giver of every good thing.

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