Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Schwarzenegger, Blair Work Together

On Monday, July 31, 2006 British Prime Minister Tony Blair signed a pact with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Watch the video.

Is this some nice political gesture meant to show that Schwarzenegger can get along with world leaders while he can also get along with world preservers? Or is it a stab at President George W. Bush? I think it brings up several issues.

  1. It gives an interesting twist in the discussion on whether the United States Constitution will be amended to allow naturalized foreigners to become president. There has been a movement, albeit not a large one, to amend the Constitution specifically so that Schwarzenegger himself can run for president.
  2. This move also appears to pit Arnold against President Bush who would normally be the person to make such an agreement with a foreign country. Schwarzenegger stated that "California will not wait for our federal government to take strong action on global warming." State governors cannot legitimately sign actual treeties with foreign governments as can the US President.
  3. Over the years state governors have become more and more involved in ties with foreign countries. California especially has great interest in keeping good relations with several foreign countries for economic reasons.
Specifically the agreement seeks to do the following:

The environmental and economic consequences of climate change and our dependency on fossil fuels compel both California (CA) and the United Kingdom (UK) to commit to urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote low carbon technologies. CA and the UK recognize the linkages between climate change, energy security, human health and robust economic growth. Working together, California and the UK commit to build upon current efforts, share experiences, find new solutions, and work to educate the public on the need for aggressive action to address climate change and promote energy diversity.

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