Thursday, August 03, 2006

Funding The Fence Between US and Mexico- About Time

So the US Senate has changed their minds and decided to begin funding the fence between the US and Mexico. This will allow for several things to be better understood:

  1. The US and Mexico have not merged into one country.
  2. The US is not the fix all child and familiy support for the failing Mexican economy.
  3. We all need to learn to get along while following the rules.
  4. We actually do care about our country being overrun by dependents.
  5. Perhaps it is time for Mexico to get their act together and learn something from US that they can use to help THEM.
I suspect that most will probably never get this message but will hold fast to their claim that we owe everything we have to Mexico. My answer? I am realizing that for some it is very hard to understand the concept of working for your food but it is time to GET OVER IT!

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