Thursday, February 09, 2006

It is interesting to see how different players in the media are handling the story of how President Bush revealed today about the 2001 terrorist plot in Los Angeles. For example the Fox News heading reads "Bush Details Foiled 2002 Terror Attack" while the Washington Post headline reads "Bait and Switch".

Part of the Washington Post Article said:

Under pressure to justify his warrantless domestic spying program, President Bush today with much fanfare disclosed new details about the thwarting of a terrorist hijacking plot four years ago. But what it had to do with eavesdropping, Bush didn't say.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan whipped up the press corps early this morning with word that Bush would offer hitherto secret information about the plot to crash a plane into Los Angeles's tallest building.

The Washington Times ran an AP article quoting President Bush as saying

"We cannot let the fact that America hasn't been attacked in 41/2 years since September the 11th lull us into the illusion that the threats to our nation have disappeared. They have not."

This, I believe, is a very realistic concept that many in the nation have failed to grasp. Our nation's leaders work ceaselessly to protect us and our country. We can at least recognize their hard work when they announce a triumph and not face it with brutal negativism. When people don't see a clear and present danger often enough the become lazy and lean toward complacency. A dangerous position to be in.

The Washington Times Article

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