Monday, September 19, 2005

Jimmy Carter Attacks States Rights

Today in a New York Times article David E Rosenbaum takes note of a Voting Panel that is proposing a new method for party primaries. According to Rosenbaum, this panel, headed up by former US President Jimmy Carter, will recommend a system for presidential primaries that would be based on four regional primaries accross the US rather than each state holding their own election. This proposal is expected to be presented to President Bush today.

This seems to be a very simple way to further centralize and nationalize our government and to place in jeapardy, if not totally disolve, one of this nation's few remaning functions of a union of states. This proposition would absolutely take away more state sovreignty and lend more support and control for a centrally controlled national government.

Pretty scary if you ask me, to say the least.

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