Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Homosexual Marriage Bill - No Surprise

Yesterday the California State Assembly passed AB 849 - Berg/Leno the "Gender Nutral" Homosexual Marriage Bill. This is no surprise to many Californians as homosexual activists in this state have been successful at many levels and in many ways to get their agenda put through. Perhaps this blatent disregard for the law (Proposition 22 clearly stated that in california traditional marriage was the only legal form of marriage in California, this bill defys that) and precedent will wake up the vast majority of Californians who have shown in the past that they are in support of Traditional Marriage.

With the direction that California is going, the passing of this bill is part of a large movement in the direction, I believe, of eliminating gender in California, The US, and ultimatly the world. The sad part to me is that most people don't pay attention enough to what is going on politically to see this happening.

There will soon be an initiative in circulation that, if passed, will help to preserve that traditional and biblical view of marriage that consists of one man and one woman joined in holy matrimony. I hope and pray that people will awake and burn with anger at this sin that is now plainly displayed in our legislature. Please visit and support the coalition striving to save marriage in California, and ultimatly to save California.

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