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AB 755 Prohibition of Spanking - Newsflash

I am passing on this newsflash issued by CFPA and HSLDA.

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From: Roy Hanson’s Child and Family Protection Association and HSLDA

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Bill: AB 755 – Prohibition of Spanking
Author: Assembly Member Sally Lieber
Position: Strongly Oppose
Status: In Assembly
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This is an UPDATE to our previous, April 11, 2007, Action Alert regarding Assembly Member Sally Lieber's "Prohibition of Spanking" bill, AB 755.

AB 755 continues to move through the Legislature. AB 755 was amended and passed by the Assembly Public Safety Committee on April 17th. AB 755 is still a very dangerous bill for parents throughout California.

AB 755 would have the practical effect of making a non-injurious spanking with an object such as a ruler, folded newspaper, paddle, etc. illegal. After being arrested, charged, and tried in a criminal court, parents could receive up to one year in jail and lose custody of their children.

We updated our "AB 755 - Action Alert" and our 4-page backgrounder, "AB 755 – Updated Alert Supplement" on April 24, 2007. Both the Updated Alert and the Updated Alert Supplement are posted at and

These two documents are designed to help every concerned parent: 1) to understand this bill and its implications for every family in California and the nation, and 2) to be able to present the most effective reasons why such a bill should not be passed by the Legislature.

AB 755 is an incremental step toward the outlawing of all spanking, which the author has publicly stated is her ultimate goal.

We will be issuing another Action Alert by e-mail on AB 755 within the next several weeks, just before AB 755 is sent to the Assembly Floor for a full vote by every Assembly Member. We are continuing to monitor AB 755 daily, as we do with all legislation.
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The purpose of this communication is to present information and express our position on the issues addressed. We encourage you to research this for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Regardless of your position, we strongly urge you to exercise your constitutional right to express your position to your elected representatives. We have included an example of how we have expressed our position.

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Petrus Rex said...

This is insane. The New Zealand Parliament just outlawed spanking. This is really becoming an international problem. And not just for non-Christians either. Christian churches are fast becoming antagonistic toward those who spank their children saying that it teaches violence. This is indeed a travesty. I wish some of the major solid leaders in the Christian community like John MacArthur and John Piper would take this issue seriously enough to write a Bible supported paper on why spanking is a Biblical form of discipline.