Wednesday, November 01, 2006

First Five Commission Gets Sorry Review in Audit

According to AP writer Juliet Williams the audit done on California's First Five Commission has come back with a sorry view of the commission.

However, the concern that the commission, lead by Rob Reiner, was spending tax dollars to promote his Prop. 82 was shot down.
“Our review determined that the state commission had clear legal authority to conduct its public advertising campaigns related to preschool,”
The concerns that were brought up in the audit as real issues had to do with misuse of funds in other areas. According to the AP article

Poor oversight of its bills also led the California Children and Families Commission, or First 5, to pay $673,000 in fees and expenses that were prohibited under its own contract and make “questionable payments to contractors for items such as laptop computers valued at $10,000, food catering costs, and monthly parking fees,” the report found.

These results will most likely lead to stricter legislation to hold the commission accountable during this next legislative year. Dave Cox may be introducing legislation as he was one of those who requested the audit.

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