Thursday, October 05, 2006

Raw Milk in California: Attempt To Put Organic Pastures Out To Pasture

An attack on healthy living came on September 21. The CDFA put a ban on raw milk sold by Organic Pastures in California. The reason for this was that some children were found to be ill after eating some of the e coli spinich that caused such a scare recently. The children had also been drinking milk which may have come from Organic Pastures. The CDFA decided that they would recall the milk distributed by Organic Pastures even though all the evidence was against there being any problem with their milk. Over a week was spent testing the Organic Pastures farms and cows (which are grass fed happy cows) only to find that they continue to be clean, health, and e coli free.

The San Jose Mercury News posted this article which is full of false and misleading information. For example, the headline "Raw organic milk that sickened California children now OK" is rediculus considering that the CDFA proved that the milk never did sicken the California children, nor was the milk ever not "OK".

The CDFA told people who called in to complain about the milk being witheld from the market that they should go out and drink soy products (which cause all kinds of health problems) instead. Sounds to me like someone at the corrupt CDFA is working for the soy industry.

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Soy Products

The following excerpt is from
Soy is one of eight foods responsible for the majority of food allergies, and one of five foods most commonly associated with food allergies in children. People with a soy allergy can suffer everything from hives and diarrhea to breathing difficulties upon eating this food. Furthermore. just as some people have lactose intolerance, there are others who have soy intolerance.
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