Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Since our nation's inception there have been both Christians and Non-Christians involved in our government. Many Christians have argued over the years that our nation began as a "Christian Nation" and that it was founded by Christians who wrote a "Christian Constitution."

Dr. Gregg Frazer, Professor of Political Studies at The Master's College, has done extensive study on the subject and wrote his Ph.D. thesis on it. His thesis is titled The Political Theology Of The American Founding. To order contact ProQuest Information and Learning or call 800-521-0600.

His term "Theistic Rationalism" and thearguments behind it are helping many to rethink the they have looked at the religious views of the founders. In his thesis Dr. Frazer looks at key founders and their religious beliefs.

Another book on this topic is The Faiths of Our Fathers: What America's Founders Really Believed by Alf J. Mapp on which Dr. Frazer has written a review.

Discussion on the religion of the founders has been going on at Millennialstar. For additional info on Frazer's thesis go here:

Worldmagblog Frazer gives an introduction post on this page during the discussion.

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